Connect.ed and cyber safety

Online safety is important. And it is important that we as teachers keep up with the need to teach our students the skills they need in order to be safe online – check out the resources available here and here.

Personally, I would recommend the Connect.ed modules to every teacher, for the simple fact that we need to know what we are coming up against. Not everything is useful and practical, and sometimes it takes a somewhat simplistic approach to educating teachers – but, I do need to remember that I am a Gen Y student teacher; not every teacher, student or qualified, is going to know what I do.

One thing I really enjoyed was the social media simulation (and I’m not the only one). I think a school-based social network that is moderated would be a great idea to expose students to social media in a controlled sense. I personally use Facebook, and have quite enjoyed my times on other sites (Club Penguin, in particular); but in a changing digital world, with students who are engaging with these sites at a younger age, I think it is important to create a safe, social, and educational space. I think it is important for students to have that freedom to learn how to express themselves, without the danger of the big bad world. It might be a challenge, but I think it’ll be worth it.


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